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BASF launches special kit for wind power industry

BASF, the German based chemical major has launched a the RELEST® Wind RepKit in India for the first time, a highperformance system for repairing rotor blades in wind turbines. It will provide Baxxodur® epoxy systems which are used to produce highly resilient, fiber-reinforced rotor blades and helps reduce cycle time by 30%, Structural foams like Kerdyn® inside the rotor blades improve stability and durability. RELEST® Wind coating systems additionally protect the blades. It also produces special lubricants for next generation wind turbines.

Thinking out of the box without a blade

With the world struggling to come out of 3-blade wind turbine, a Tunisian company Saphon Energy dispensed with the blades and designed an bladeless wind turbine, which will harness the wind power by a to-and-fro motion using pistons, which is also capable of storing energy by a hydraulic system. Currently, storing energy has been the challenge with major grid networks management.

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Moventas to set up wind gear service centre in Chennai

Project Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Moventas India, a subsidiary of Finnish major -Moventas is setting up a service centre in Chennai for servicing wind gears used in wind power generation units. Currently, the company deals with wind turbine manufacturer like RRB, Pioneer and WinWind. In future, the company is also planning to set up a manufacturing base. With Indian wind power gears getting older by year, it has a huge potential particularly in southern India, where the bulk of the units have been installed

ABB sets up new unit in Vadodara for wind power generators

Project Location : Vadodara, Gujarat

ABB had commissioned its new unit in Vadodara which will manufacture wind power generators. The new unit will employ around 150 people and will produce around 150 units a month with a rating of 2.5 MW. Apart from this, ABB also supplies a variety of components and solutions for wind turbine manufacturers and operators: robots that paint the blades, motors, drives, transformers and low- and medium-voltage equipment located in the nacelle and the products and systems that connect the power to the grid.

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