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Thinking out of the box without a blade

With the world struggling to come out of 3-blade wind turbine, a Tunisian company Saphon Energy dispensed with the blades and designed an bladeless wind turbine, which will harness the wind power by a to-and-fro motion using pistons, which is also capable of storing energy by a hydraulic system. Currently, storing energy has been the challenge with major grid networks management.

Come bladeless wind turbine, you get a godsend which can boost efficiency of grid. Further, there are less moving parts compared to blade turbine, dispensing complex gears and rotors. Early studies show, they are 2.3 times efficient than conventional wind turbines. For all this, it has attracted global interest and the Saphon Energy has been invited for several technology shows like TED and has been awarded the KPMG Innovation Grant for 2012, IPA Award 2013.

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