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Wind Power Capacity Trends

Though overall, looking at the graph, it seems the wind is riding on a wave, the fact on the ground is, it is knocked out. Various threats are looming out for the sector, there has been consistent reports of theft of copper wires from wind turbine. Value of theft estimated is around Rs 150 million, it is a matter of time that it is repeated elsewhere.

Another from folly policy makers is the looming threat of charges on ‘Unscheduled Interchange’ which expects every wind power producer to forecast power generation to the extent of 30% margin. Of course, taming the wind could be an easy task compared to lobby the bureaucracy and trying to make sense with politicians. Investors who chose the crafty ‘Renewable Energy Certificate’ are running up against a pillar, as no one is buying, those supposed to buy are getting away with it. Further, obtaining land access to get the machines to site with ever growing windmast heights /5MW turbines are making transportation a big issue. Feed-in-tariff, removal of Accelerated Depreciation accelerates the downfall. Compared to 2012, there had been a dearth on announcement on wind power projects. Truly, the wind sector progress is through a winding route now !

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